My name is Nelson Santa Ana and I am the pastor here at Wesson Baptist Church.  I’m glad to have you visiting our website because that indicates that you have some interest in our church.  I want to assure you that our church has interest in you as well.

When you come and visit you will find that our church has a very warm and serving heart towards others.  You do not have to be anything other than yourself to fit right in here at Wesson.  We will seek to love you and treat you like family from the time you walk in the doors.  We’ll give you the chance to get plugged in and develop meaningful relationships that will last into eternity through our small groups.  We provide multiple opportunities to meet with God through worship, in-depth study of the Bible, and prayer.  Finally, we will encourage you and offer multiple opportunities for you to serve others and tell them about the love and good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We look forward to meeting you.  Feel free to stop by the church and come see me or pull me to the side after a service so I can get to know you.  Either way, I would be honored to get to be the first from our church to become friends with you.


In Christ,

Nelson Santa Ana

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